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This site provides a wealth of information on how to overcome alcoholism, and still represents a small fraction of the information available in the book. While the overall goal of course is to get you to buy the book - that's where the real value comes in after all - we hope that you find the information on this site helpful, practical, and above all useable and practical.  With How To Conquer Your Alcoholism, you will have a guide on how to overcome alcoholism with the help you need on a daily, even hourly basis!

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How to Conquer Your Alcoholsm--Made Simple!

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Print version of both books are available on Amazon, and FULLY interactive versions of the full reference guide available on Kindle and iBook/iTunes, complete with hundreds of active hyperlinks to supplemental information sources. Made Simple coming in eBook form mid-August


The newest and best of Alcoholism Treatment Programs. Alcoholism is a horrible disease. This site provides critical and practical help on how you can overcome it. Read more below and browse the other information on this site - you will be glad you did!                              For Healthcare Providers, buy the 1st book on Amazon HERE!


Alcoholism Sucks. No Ifs, Ands, or Buts about it. If you are the alcoholic it is condemning you to an early death - maybe fast by drunk driving or sudden arrhythmic cardiac death, or slowly by gradually disintegrating your personal, professional, and physical well being.

If you are a loved one of the alcoholic, it is killing you as well but in a different way: watching this train wreck getting closer and closer to taking out everything associated with the alcoholic, not the least your happiness and sanity.

Maybe you've tried everything you can think of: Rehabs, Therapy, ​12-Steps - nothing seems to work. You are at your wits end. WHY don't they work? Everybody does them; they are all over the press; yet they seem only to work for a select few, and most importantly NOT for you? What to do?
​Give up and accept this as your lot in life?  NO.

There is a better way!

What are the Keys to Conquering Your Alcoholism?

  • Truly admitting you have a problem (if you don't, no program will work)
  • Deep understanding of what your drinking triggers are, at their root
  • Developing multiple defenses to deal with all the multitude of ways alcohol will attack you. One defense will not work all the time, for every one of your triggers.

The image at the left illustrates the end result of The Conquer Program (with its three phases/13 Levels shown at right). For each trigger, you will develop a series of "safety nets" -- tips and defenses for "dealing with" your drinking triggers (without alcohol), arranged in a way that will weaken the trigger and eventually stop you before you relapse. 

Alcoholism - The Disease That Destroys Everything it Touches

How to Conquer Your Alcoholism

The Coronavirus and supply chain ripple effects are likely to interrupt drug, and even alcohol availability and prices. Which means: You may have to get sober NOW, whether you like it or not! Towards that end, we have cut the prices for our books to the bare minimum allowable on Amazon: $1.99/$0.99 per each (electronic) version. As they say: "don't let a good crisis got to waste." Use The Conquer Program to take "advantage" of this unprecedented event, and manage (versus going cold turkey) how you get sober, NOW!

Main Program and Full Reference Guide: For treatment providers, loved ones, or alcoholics willing to invest the time to fully understand their alcoholism.

This is a unique resource for all those suffering from this disease, both alcoholics and their loved ones. It contains a completely new approach to getting and staying sober, and includes a comprehensive Reference Guide with over 600 pages of easy-to-read, insightful, often entertaining but always practical information to get you sober and stay that way. The ebook has hundreds of active links to additional helpful alcoholism resources.
See Table of Contents.


Cuts to the Chase of Getting Sober! No extra details or supplemental references materials.

Just getting sober, fast!

Conquer your Alcoholism-Made Simple!

Now The Conquer Program has been greatly simplified, and captured in the new book How to Conquer Your Alcoholism--Made Simple! At only 260 pages with improved graphics that easily convey key concepts, The Conquer Program is easier to do than ever!