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​Nearly all existing "tests" that are used to determine alcohol abuse are incredibly subjective, such as "Have you ever felt guilty about drinking?" Who hasn't? These are incredibly subjective questions that do a disservice to everyone involved. To avoid that subjectivity and game-playing with simplistic questions, we focus on what you actually do, and the end results, to help you convince yourself you have a real problem with alcohol. At the end of the day, if you are not truly convinced you are an alcoholic, no program will help.

Below, you will find a total of 25 statements, with a total of 45 points. In the author's view, if you score 7 points you have a tendency to abuse alcohol. 12 points strongly indicates an addiction to alcohol. More than 20 points indicates you have a very serious alcohol addiction that will ruin your life soon if it hasn't already done so.

Be as honest as you can; this quiz is intended to cut through the haze that alcohol has created, and help you see the damage alcohol is doing to yourself and your life in general. Take The Conquer Quiz Below.

Test For Alcoholism

The Conquer Quiz


# Sign of Alcoholism Yes/ Agree Points Possible Points Awarded Comments/Explanation
1 Your Personality Changes (You are a Nasty Drunk.  You regularly get angry, pick nasty arguments, or in general are very unpleasant to be around when you drink) 1, 2 or 3 points You get 1 point if this happens once a month; 2 if twice a month; 3 points if more than twice a month OR police have had to come to your home responding to drunken arguments. 
2 Your Personality Changes (Other).  While subjective, it includes regularly (while drinking) acting very uncharacteristically, e.g. very loud when you are normally quiet, vice versa, etc.  Basically it seems like you become a totally different person. 1 One point if this happens more often than it doesn't (regardless of how many times you drink).  Most people behave somewhat differently when they drink.  A drastic change indicates a possible, natural intolerance or even allergy to alcohol.  Unlike Question 1 (with its possible 3 points), Answering Yes/ I Agree to this may not be not alarming by itself, thus worth only 1 point. 
3 You plan Day/Night around Drinking 1 Includes drinking “trumping” all other non-drinking responsibilities on a frequent basis.  1 Point if you do this once a week on average.
4 You rotate place of alcohol purchases 1 You do this deliberately, and regularly, to avoid the perception of drinking too much (to the sales clerks).
5 You are a Binge Drinker 1, 2 or 3 points When you drink, you drink very heavily (more than 4-5 drinks in 2 hours - 4 for women, 5 for men). 2 times a month is 1 point; 3-4 times a month is 2 points; 5 or more times a month is 3 points.
6 You say “I can stop anytime I want to” frequently; Defensive when people comment on usage 1 Usually comes up in “you are drinking too much” arguments.  1 point if you say at least once a month.
7 You drink in the morning 1 or 2 Meaning you drink before lunchtime more than once every three months.  2 points if you do it at least once a month.
8 Can’t drink alone, coerce people to drink with you; or you have a strong desire to drink alone 1 This depends on the personality - either way is an indicator of extremes and/or personality change.  
9 Irritable when drinking time nears or goes past; Always start  drinking at certain times 1 A strong sign of physical dependency
10 You hide booze 1 or 2 1 point if you do it at all.  2 points if you start forgetting where you hide them
11 You smell from alcohol (you have to ask others their opinion for this) 1, 2, or 3 Once a month, 1 Point.  Twice a month, 2 points.  Pretty much all the time: 3 points.
12 You sneak and lie about booze 1 You do this more than twice a month
13 You can’t sleep without alcohol 1 You usually cannot sleep without having drunk alcohol that evening.  Also consider counting as 1 point if you can sleep but often have bad nightmares.
14 Usually last to leave bar/party 1 You do this more often than you don’t
15 You have alcoholism in your family 1 or 2 One or both Parents are 1 point; plus grandparents 2 points (consider giving yourself 1 point if only grandparents). People answering yes are up to four times as likely to be alcoholics.
16 You think you do certain things “better” drunk.  You are more fun and interesting. 1 Particular emphasis on the word “think.”  It is subjective, so be honest (if you can).
17 Your appearance has changed dramatically 1 This is subjective, but compare recent photos of yourself with photos of parent(s) at your age.
18 Not drinking is a major occasion or accomplishment 1 You go to bed pleased with yourself that you didn’t drink that day.
19 Poor airplane behavior with respect to drinks 1 1 point if you do this regularly (more often than you don’t). Usually drinking more than 2 drinks on one flight counts as well.
20 Spend time planning/ getting alcohol “fix” when you are out-of-town 1 or 2 2 points if you pre-plan your alcohol purchase before you leave town.
                 THE BIG FIVE        
21 2 or more DUIs 3 Counts even if you get case dismissed for non-alcohol causes or technicalities
22 Job Loss due to alcohol 3 Definite Yes if on-the-job drinking is cited as cause.  Can be subjective but be honest.
23 Marriage Loss due to alcohol 3 Definite Yes if cited in divorce documents
24 Major Financial Loss due to alcohol 3 Includes spending over $300/month on alcohol purchases that you consume
25 Health Problems due to alcohol 3 This is can be tough to tell sometimes, but answer Yes/I Agree if your doctor suggests you "cut back on your drinking."
  TOTAL   45 0  

The Conquer Quiz