Listen To Your Body!​

Alcohol and Health

LEVEL 3—Listen To Your Body!
  • Alcohol-Related Health Problems from A to Z
  • The Joint Progression of Disease and Alcoholism - Age Doesn't Matter!
  • The Role of Genetics in Alcoholism How Alcohol Can Destroy Your Body - A Sampling
  • Suicide and Painful Death by Alcohol
  • The Conquer Program Health Assessment Guide

stomach, intestines, and of course your brain. But this is not all, not by a long shot. Read More Below.

Unfortunately this giant health guillotine blade hanging over most alcoholics’ necks are not enough to deter them from drinking. Some of that is likely to be “logic,” as in “Well that won’t happen to me,” or “If it hasn’t happened yet it won’t” and the like. Even when an alcoholic has been told in no uncertain terms that another drink could kill him or her specifically, it usually is still not enough to prevent those next drinks, as illustrated in the testimonial above. And even if it is enough, without further help for their enforced sobriety their quality of life will likely suck, or worse.

Your Body is Screaming at You - Stop Drinking! You Just Don't Hear It.

Alcohol abuse and addiction also produce other medical side effects. Alcoholics frequently attribute these complications to other health conditions, as they attempt to avoid ownership of the consequences of their drinking. Common medical side effects include: high blood pressure, sexual problems, stomach problems, osteoporosis in women, even cancer. Skin disorders are also a common and major side effect of chronic excessive alcohol abuse, including urticariaporphyria cutaneatardaflushing, cutaneous stigmata of cirrhosispsoriasispruritus, seborrheic dermatitis and rosacea. Look them up: many are not pretty, as I can attest to personally unfortunately (but which improved greatly after stopping drinking).
Not enough for you? Even as I dealt with skin aliments and several other alcohol-related health issues over the years - whether I acknowledged them or not at the time - I had no idea how many dimensions of our health alcohol could affect until I was researching this book.

As seen in the diagram on the right, the ways that alcohol can cause, aggravate, activate, or dramatically worsen is enormous, covering most of the alphabet medical soup from Alcohol Induced Anxiety to Wet Brain (a particularly unpleasant variation of Dementia).

The many ways alcohol can screw you up or destroy you are truly astounding. Below are some links to concise explanations of this vast array of damage alcohol can do:

​Some fun facts to start with. The World Health Organization estimates that up to 4 percent of all deaths worldwide are alcohol-related. This accounts for 2.5 million deaths annually, with over 320,000 between the ages of 15 and 29 - Representing 9% of their deaths.

Alcohol is a factor in up to 60 different diseases and injuries which include cirrhosis, poisonings, violence, cancer and heart disease. It is the world’s third-largest risk factor for disease burden. Alcohol is the leading risk factor in the Western Pacific and the Americas and the second largest in Europe.


No question, alcoholism can be very detrimental to your health. It can impact many dimensions of your body and mind, including very negative impacts to your liver, nervous system, heart, skin, 

My mother is the alcoholic. She has everything going for her - 2 kids (my brother 23 and myself 21) both in the Air Force. Two wonderful grandchildren from my brother, a loving boyfriend, family support and a beautiful home. I question why she drinks, every time she relapses especially since she has pancreatitis and the doctors told her she's going to die if she keeps it up, even one beer a day, which is never the case. Anyone have any clue what is going through her head and causing her to act this way? She's been a non-functioning alcoholic who has dry spells sometimes for months and it has been this way as long as I can remember. Why?

I had an uncle who was told that one more beer would kill him, and he very reluctantly stopped. However he did not get any additional help, and within a year committed suicide. There was no note, but his ex-wife (my aunt) strongly feels that his not being able to drink very significantly contributed to his decision to commit suicide. He simply could not cope, refused help, and never learned another way of living, so he chose death (he was a pharmacist, so suicide was easy). Leaving four kids behind.

So even if you for whatever reason can or are forced to stop drinking, BUT you do not address the broader issue of alcoholism in your life and what is behind it, you are still likely to have a very unpleasant one. Hence a core part of this book's purpose: to Conquer Your Alcoholism, without the process consuming the rest of your life! You will be able to live a happy, healthy life with alcohol playing hardly any role in the rest of it!

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